Achillea extract

Protective, refreshing, toning, stimulating, astringent. Achillea boasts interesting cosmetic and dermofunctional properties, acting as an anti-inflammatory, firming the skin and removing redness and excess sebum.

Tea Tree and Rosemary essential oils

Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial, healing, antimicrobial and deodorant properties. Rosemary Essential Oil is known as a medical substance, above all for its stimulating and purifying properties.

Actions and applications


  • Action: for impure, acne-prone, toxin-affected skin. Hydrating, dermoprotective. Removes makeup and pollution residues. Frees the pores of impurities, leaving skin luminous and hydrated; dermofunctional properties: anti-inflammatory, astringent, removes redness and excess sebum.
  • How to use: apply gel to wet skin and massage carefully using circular movements. Remove using fresh water or a dampened cotton wool pad.
  • With applicator: apply gel to the face and massage carefully with the soft brush tool, using circular movements.
  • When to use: for use as a cleanser as part of a purifying skin treatment. In the evening, whenever you want to remove makeup or pollution residues, or in the morning, to revitalise and create a pleasant sensation of wellbeing before applying makeup.