The ally of your hair!

Preserves the hair’s natural moisture content


FAST DRY Your ideal partner, designed to best express your talent and professionalism. The RIVALE 5000 Professional hair dryer dries hair gently, without drying it out, thanks to the delicate effect of the infrared rays: more reliable + faster + powerful thanks to the double carbon fibre generator. 

INFRARED CARBON TECHNOLOGY The infrared rays allow the drying cycle to be faster, thereby avoiding overheating the hair and damaging it. The infrared effect reaches the scalp while performing a bio-stimulating function, facilitating the improvement of local circulation and promoting the natural nourishment of the hair bulb. 

TOP STYLE Finishes and filter in black chrome. 

NOISE CONTROL Removable filter and integrated sound-absorbing ring nut to reduce the noise. 

ECOLOGICAL & SILENT BRUSHLESS EXTRA LONG LIFE: more than 3000 operating hours! Ecological: it does not emit electromagnetic interference thanks to the motor not having any brushes, which are otherwise found in all traditional hair dryers. Motor with constant torque output: always at maximum efficiency.

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Carbon infrared technology


MIN - Minimal adjustment 

of the intensity of the infrared irradiation to dry the hair gently.

Max - Maximum power 

for a quick treatment without dehydrating the hair.

Infrared rays make drying faster and keep the hair hydrated 

and protected from overheating and possible damage, 

with a significant bio-stimulating action on the scalp.


- 2 speeds - 5 temperature settings 

- Push-button for cool shot

- 2 removable professional nozzles supplied with a heat-resistant spacer to be gripped without feeling excessive heat in the fingers. 

- Hanging hook and rubber cable gland. 

- 3m professional, super flexible round cable.