Style reflects the image you want to show; it gives colour to the days and becomes the protagonist when it communicates who we are and how we feel: every style carries an interesting story.

Stories of ordinary people, stories of all of us who want to breathe in new air.

Let’s get ready to go out, let’s get excited about the idea of meeting up, sharing, experimenting and making the dreams that we have suppressed for long come true.

And AB argabeta styling takes care of your hair by reflecting the freshness of your new image with products that give shape to your look, which are to be used alone, mixed or applied one after the other.


From fixative sprays to styling products to lighter creams, AB argabeta styling is all you need to unleash the professionalism and inspiration once again of those who take care of your hair.


14 indispensable products to unleash your creativity and style originality

4 product families divided according to the time of use when creating a style

4 colours to distinguish them

5 fixative strengths to indicate the holding power of every product

1 large number to easily locate the reference you need

3 pictograms that reveal the synthesis of effectiveness of every product in one single glance: Shine Volume and Fixative Power

bright – vol – fix .