SHADO professional scissors for hairstylists have an excellent level of quality.

Manufactured using sophisticated technology for the treatment of the metal and the finishing of the details, one by one, they undergo 82 processing steps with the use of sophisticated tools that guarantee maximum precision and maintenance of the highest quality standards.

Japanese titanium-hardened steel 440C for extraordinary durability and unparalleled sharpness. 

SHADO professional scissors, thanks to the excellent quality steel, can be easily sharpened and given back into the hairstylist’s hands as new, even after many years.

The internal blade has a more curvilinear shape for extremely precise cuts and texturizing designed for the latest techniques of avant-garde stylists.

The titanium treated steel 440C guarantees greater hardness compared to average super-professional scissors available on the market.

EXTERNAL BLACK POLISHED TITANIUM FINISH (Fashion look), with hardening of the surfaces that makes the scissors more resistant to accidental falls and impacts.