Rice Bran oil

Used for its beneficial effects on sensitive skin, due to its hydrating properties resulting from the high squalene content, it is a natural skin hydrator.

Tamarind extract

It is a concentrated solution of branched heteropolysaccharides and xyloglucans. There are many benefits to the skin, such as protection against free radicals and anti-aging properties, and Tamarind is also a skin regenerator and a moisturiser.

Actions and applications


  • Action: protects sensitive, hypersensitive, fragile and irritated skin, as well as skin prone to couperose and rosacea; a pure concentrate of functional substances suitable for protecting and hydrating sensitive skin; soothing, refreshing; non-comedogenic.
  • How to use: apply to the face, neck and chest area, massaging lightly and evenly until the product is fully absorbed.
  • When to use: every morning after cleansing.