Caffeine is contained in reduction products as it stimulates skin microcirculation and helps to eliminate excess fluid, making the skin firmer.

Guarana extract

Guarana is used in cosmetics thanks to its lipolytic activity due mainly to the high caffeine content present in the seeds. One of the major beneficial properties of Guarana is its energising effect.

Ginseng root extract

It has toning, hydrating, stimulating and revitalising properties, and helps to leave the skin brighter and more elastic, especially during stressful periods.

Sangre de Drago extract

It is always used by the indigenous tribes of Ecuador, Mexico and Peru who exploit its healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In the cosmetic field, the extract is used successfully in the prevention and mitigation of stretch marks.

Actions and applications


  • Action: a formula with extensive action against all blemishes caused by first to fourth stage cellulite. Caffeine: suitable for reduction treatments and active against blemishes caused by cellulite. This is due to its lipolytic erties, which trigger a mechanism to break down the fat contained in the cells. Stimulates skin microcirculation and helps to eliminate excess liquid, making the skin firmer. This results in a reduction in thickness of the orange-peel tissue, in the bulges and fat deposits, and tones the skin. Sangre de Drago extract: healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to prevent and reduce stretch marks. Guarana extract: high lipolytic activity, essentially due to the high caffeine content of the seeds. Ginseng extract: hydrating, toning and stimulating effect.
  • How to use: apply the product to the relevant areas of the body, massage using the preferred technique until fully absorbed.
  • With applicator: apply the cream to the relevant areas and use one of the following technologies to intensify the specific action of the product: infrared; ultrasound; physio-sauna (heat therapy); press-massage; electrolipolysis. To complete the following treatments: radio frequency; endodermal.
  • When to use: in-salon, twice weekly as part of an anti-cellulite/reduction package. Self-treatment, daily application to the areas requiring treatment, massaging lightly until fully absorbed.