Anti-Fat and Anti-Cellulite Dry Massage Oil (*)

500 ml bottle

Cod. CB1002069C

A Dry Body Oil suitable for treatment with Endodermic Massage equipment. It allows the handpiece to glide more smoothly, leaving the skin non-greasy and nourished. *Recommended as an adjuvant in the treatment of skin imperfections in people with localised fat deposits and/or cellulite. 

DIRECTIONS: With Appliance: apply enough product to cover the area requiring treatment and start by placing the chosen handpiece on the skin, following the recommended treatment protocol. Manual Massage: apply the necessary amount to the affected area and massage until it is absorbed. If necessary, dab the skin with a dry cloth after massaging.

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Applied topically, it integrates perfectly by penetrating optimally and working as a carrier for other active ingredients. It is a molecule capable of emulsifying fats and consequently promoting their elimination and conversion into energy.