Multivitamin Dry Massage Oil

200 ml bottle

Cod. CB1001208V

A Dry Facial Oil suitable for treatment with Endodermic Massage equipment. The powerful vitamin booster, which makes the product the ideal addition to anti-ageing treatments to prevent skin ageing, protects and tones the skin, preserving it from laxity and wrinkles. 

DIRECTIONS: With Appliance: apply enough product to cover the area requiring treatment and start by placing the chosen handpiece on the skin, following the recommended treatment protocol. Manual Massage: apply the necessary amount to the affected area and massage until it is absorbed. If necessary, dab the skin with a dry cloth after massaging.

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Vitamin E

Acts to protect lipids and helps to keep the hydration of the skin well balanced. It has a protective and defensive action on the skin during the aging process and against harmful environmental factors.

Vitamin A

Acts on the cutis through various mechanisms, stimulating certain specific enzymes, some of which perform the role of improving the thickness of the skin, thus reducing the depth of the wrinkle and improving skin hydration.