Sterilise packed and unpacked instruments.

In accordance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 Standard EN 556 – Standard EN 13060.

Digital graphic display instantly indicates operating data for the current program.

Front access to the water outlet valves.

USB memory.

Handy upper compartment for filling with water.

Large 2.5 litre tank

3 equipment baskets: load up to 2.5kg for sterilising multiple instruments, maximum capacity 14-16 pouches.

Universal power: 230V ~ 50Hz.

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Principali caratteristiche


4 settings:

Solids 121°C;

Solids 134°C;

Packed 121°C;

Packed 134°C.

Scheda tecnica


Weight: 35kg.

Dimensions 42x52,5x37cm. Reduced size for easier in-salon storage, optimising space.

Package dimensions: 52x71x45cm

Internal chamber volume: 7l. Chamber dimensions designed for the sterilisation of multiple instruments simultaneously. Sterilisation chamber dimensions: diameter: 17cm, diameter 32cm

Digital display

Sterile 30 day: once packed, instruments will remain sterile for 30 days.

Steel chamber: AISI 304

Maximum temperature: 134C°.

Save water save time: 12’÷30’.

Energy consumption: -25%.

Average consumption: 120W÷400W.

Sterilisation cycle memory: every sterilisation cycle is saved in the microprocessor's internal memory. Data can then be viewed, saved to the usb stick provided or printed using the integrated printer available as an optional extra.

Drying function: for addition at the user's discretion, adjustable by up to 20'.

Pre-heating function: up to 60' , to keep the appliance ready for use and reduce sterilisation waiting times.