Essential oil of Juniper

This is used in the production of quality plant-based cosmetics. It is used in Stimulating and Toning products. It also boasts anti-inflammatory, relaxing, tension-relieving and antiseptic properties.

Ginseng root extract

It has toning, hydrating, stimulating and revitalising properties, and helps to leave the skin brighter and more elastic, especially during stressful periods.

Actions and applications


  • Action: massage oil with plant extract for intensive fat deposits and cellulite, enriched with Phosphatidylcholine and essential oils of Juniper, Mint and extract of Ginseng. Suitable for combating skin blemishes caused by cellulite and/or localised fat deposits. Smooth-flowing emollient, suitable for any use. Phosphatidylcholine, helps to disintegrate localised fat deposits, acting as a natural fat solubiliser. Ginseng hydroglycerin oil, toning and stimulating effect. Juniper essential oil, toning and stimulating effect. Mint essential oil refreshing. Note: any deposit found at the bottom of the bottle is due to the totally natural origin of the product and to the richness of its active ingredients. Shake well before use.
  • When to use: whenever a massage is required.