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at the service of hair stylists and beauticians

The Company

For over 50 years Müster & Dikson has been constantly at the service of Hair Stylists and Beauticians: it designs, produces and is at the forefront. We have taken a leading role on national and international markets thanks to the quality and flexibility of our solutions and products: a key result we achieved by combining the experience of our in-house resources with constant research and innovation. This confirms the role of Italian-made manufacturing both in Italy and abroad. Our growth is essentially encapsulated in the constant evolution of products and solutions that meet customers’ expectations. Every day we commit ourselves to giving our all in what we do, driven by our know-how to achieve new goals. Care for detail and creating first-class products fully express our vocation for meeting the needs of our clientele.

Our history

The company, established in 1965 by accountant Franco Colombo, starts working on manufacturing products intended for hair stylists. Dikson Color, the professional hair dye still renowned and acclaimed on international markets, was created in 1971. Aware of the mission to serve hair stylists, the company set up a new sector, that of professional small parts, and created the Müster division that also expanded in the specific furniture sector with a special programme to produce furniture for hair stylists and perfume shops. In 1976 it started expanding abroad, namely in Canada, with the establishment of a solid partnership in Toronto under the name of Dikson Service Canada. The Dikson Fashion Centres were set up at the end of the 1970s in Italy, entirely in line with the evolution of hair stylists. They liaised with local distributors with the aim of creating points of contact with local hair stylists. The production sits and logistics facilities were further enhanced in the mid-1980s, thereby creating the current industrial premises. In 1990, the Müster division inaugurated the complex devoted to the permanent exhibition of furniture and professional equipment: 3,000 sqm entirely dedicated to displays and 1,500 sqm of technical offices where designers and architects developed new furniture lines and innovative sector solutions. In 1994, Müster & Dikson expanded its attention to Eastern European markets, whilst the Beauty Division was set up as part of Müster, with specific equipment for the beauty sector. In 2000, Dikson created the System Coiffeur brand intended for exclusive distributors in Italy and abroad, thereby launching a new and diversified distribution strategy. In 2009, Dikson revisited its development strategy by investing in new market segments. This led to the creation of: the Dikson Retail division with investments and initiatives intended for mass-market retailers and the retail sector; the Dikson Private Label division with structures devoted to outsourced processing, with Full Service and Co-operation Service projects. In 2011, Müster created its MDG brand with an extensive series of initiatives exclusively intended for selected distributors.

Müster & Dikson’s business sectors

Hair care products

A wide portfolio of hair care lines and product brands ensures we meet the needs of the various customer categories. With our 10 years of experience in formulating and making professional hair care products, and with the support of our recognised product quality, the Dikson brand has been constantly consolidating its offer on the professional market with extensive product lines that meet all the needs of Hair Stylists. Renewed market needs led the company to develop a full service intended to develop wide product ranges under the customer’s label (Private Label) and position itself on the Mass Retail market.

Full furniture sets for hair stylists and beauty centres

Müster & Dikson’s Furniture Division interprets settings in hair salons and beauty centres by focusing on quality and an extremely wide selection of products, with varied and highly customised solutions. Our design unit creates dedicated layouts to allow for an accurate view of the final result, with the support of graphic computers and photographic 3D images.

Equipment, small parts and small electrical appliances

The \“equipment, small parts and small appliances\” division stems from the constant search for new technological solutions, with the creation of a vast selection of professional tools for hair stylists and beauticians, designed to enable them to provide a top quality service to their clientele.

Appliances for beauty centres and spas

In this sector, where users are very demanding, Müster & Dikson’s Beauty Division stands out for its wide range of professional appliances designed to guarantee excellent results and carry out countless treatments by using sophisticated and extremely advanced technology.

Cosmetic products

We are aware of the fact that we need to present ourselves as an expert partner to interpret new frontiers in the world of Cosmetics. This is why we designed a full range of cosmetic products acting as the ideal benchmark for Professionals who need top-notch expertise and quality in the Personal Care world and who demand a complete vision of relationships with customers.

Tanning appliances

New-generation sunscreen products stand out for the top quality of the components, the effectiveness of the treatments and their quick results, proving constant advances that leave no room for compromises.

Our certifications

Müster & Dikson, for over 50 years at the service of Hair Stylists and the Beauty sector, has obtained the following certifications, representing quality and recognition:

ISO 9001:2015

For R&D activities, the production and sale of hair care and personal care products.

ISO 9001:2015

RR&D, production and sale of hair care and personal care products.

ISO 22716:2007

Production of hair care and personal care products.

ISO 9001:2015

Politica per la qualità

Müster & Dikson’s vision

Our strategy

Our strength lies in having skilfully combined, in our premises in Cerro Maggiore, all the elements required to create our products: design, development, production and control are concentrated in our facilities, as are all the stages related to marketing, both in Italy an abroad, and to logistic distribution. Our streamlined and flexible approach is one of the inspiring elements of this strategic decision, which focuses on solving the needs of target customers in every respect.

Italian/foreign markets

Our constant focus on fast-moving markets, the eclectic nature of our resources combined with the flexibility of our structures allows us to operate with a highly professional approach in different outlets, markets that are deeply different in terms of their business and sales dynamics. With our products and extensive offer, we meet the needs of various markets that increasingly regard us as a leading presence both in Italy and abroad: Professional channel Hair stylists and beauticians Retail channel We work with large Retailers and Mass-market Retailers Private label channel With Full Service and Co-operation Service projects

Our structure

Production, design and research

Structural extension

55,000 sqm across 6 roofed Industrial premises

The design studies
  • Full furniture sets for Hair stylists and Beauty centres
  • Equipment, small parts and appliances for Hair Stylists and Beauticians
  • Appliances for Beauty centres and Spas
  • Tanning appliances

Müster’s pride and joy is an R&D laboratory for the technical and mechanical development of furniture, equipment and appliances, where dedicated designers and engineers constantly work on innovating and creating new specific solutions. This special unit also oversees the work of external partners, a key link in the chain involving the manufacturing and production of items, which must guarantee high quality standards, timeliness in preparing components and precision in their technical execution. Our R&D unit works along with our technical laboratory for the development of electrical and electronic equipment that, with sophisticated cutting-edge instruments, guarantees regulatory requirements are systematically met. This allows us to create new products of increasing quality and with constantly superior performance levels.

Research laboratories
  • Hair care products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Cleansing and treatment products for pets

Our modern research and development laboratories, led by expert chemists and researchers, formulate innovative products that meet the latest market demands. We approach our decisions by committing ourselves to constantly look for raw materials with increasingly higher performance levels. We place special attention on innovative ingredients and new technologies in synergy with the best suppliers on the market. Every new formula undergoes stability and conformity tests, as well as being tested on models under the supervision of expert technicians. Our team of researchers and technicians works entirely in synergy to find new solutions and products that meet new needs and create new ones, thereby stimulating the market and demand.


Support to develop and market products is guaranteed by a dynamic marketing staff with an eye on trends that influence consumers’ taste. The close collaboration between our Development Marketing and in-house Researchers guarantees a constant development of new Dikson hair care products and new solutions, while the constant relationship between Trade Marketing and the market leads to new supports for sales and for new business development strategies. The desire to constantly improve work settings and instruments for hair stylists, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, is the result of the collaboration between design engineers, designers and the marketing personnel for Müster’s unit. Moreover, the care for the products’ image and supporting materials stems from the constant collaboration with graphic agencies specialising in the cosmetics sector. The synergy between the departments, the dynamic research, and streamlined and flexible organisational structure make Müster & Dikson an ideal partner to grow in the cosmetics and hair care sector.

Quality control

A strong focus is placed on quality control. Line productions use special alarms to monitor the output of chemicals in terms of quantity and quality. Controls systems on incoming raw materials, on packaging components, packs and on every single batch guarantee consistent quality for our products and immediate traceability. Each production is checked by laboratories to verify product compliance with formulation standards and technicians for the desired performance on hair. Tests on furniture products are supported by specific tables to check semi-finished and finished products, whilst sophisticated instruments oversee checks on electrical and electronic equipment.


An extensive and effective logistic system that guarantees effective and timely shipments. With the support of an efficient fleet of vehicles and in synergy with national and international carriers, we are able to meet multiple needs from our various markets: from professionals to Mass-market Retailers, from individual hair stylists to large international customers. Handling more than 2 million packages gives you an idea of the efficiency and dynamic approach of the logistics sector.

Our brands

At Müster & Dikson, we always place customers at the centre of what we do, across every stage. We are fast and efficient, because customers are often pressed for time. We are flexible and scrupulous, because every customer is unique and valuable.

Müster & Dikson products

Müster products

Müster’s departments, specialised labour skilfully assembles the products by following rigorous manufacturing standards. In every division there is personnel with top expertise operating with leading-edge equipment and machinery, where every operating stage is checked to verify product compliance with guaranteed quality requirements. Dynamism and flexibility are the underlying approach behind the production concept the company has always been expressing, to provide customers with the opportunity of choosing highly customised items that prove to be the ideal solution to specific operating needs. This prerogative adapts to customers’ requests in various ways: the company can literally take care of small customisations concerning just one piece, or create entire and complex lines or even items entirely dedicated to the client, from the technical/stylistic design to the creation of dedicated equipment and the production of the final item in series. Müster manufactures in Italy and manages advanced manufacturing partnerships in foreign countries.

Dikson products

Special attention is placed on product industrialisation with constant updates on machinery. The different types of products made lead us to have a vast and diversified fleet of machines to enable us to have a flexible and prompt approach to changing market needs. Dikson is one of the few companies on the Italian market with a bleaching powder production system. We can create different formats that are ideal both for the professional and the retail sector. Over the years we have heavily invested in control systems that operate both on incoming raw materials and on identifying the smallest anomalies in packaging components and packs. All Dikson products are made in Italy in our plants in Cerro Maggiore. Output Bulk 90,000 kg/day Packaging 180,000 pieces average/day (calculated on an average format of 500 ml)

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