Vapor Jet

For beauty treatments, with scent holder for essential oils.

Power: 230V ~ 50Hz.

5-spoke base on castors with appliance height adjustment, steam outlet, from 96-160cm.

Flexible arm and steam generator adjustment

Flexible adjustment means you can achieve the optimum steam jet angle, whether your client is sitting or lying down.

Steam generator with 360° rotation.

Lateral steam generator adjustment, 60°.

Wide arm range, up to 150°.

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Weight: 7.5kg

Package dimensions: 95x42x28cm 

Timer: acoustic signal at the end of the programmed time

Digital display

On/off: appliance on/off button and light-up indicator

Ioniser/ozone: appliance on/off button and light-up indicator

Stand by function water temperature maintenance: this useful function keeps the water hot without reaching boiling point. To deliver several treatments in succession, you can use the stand by function: steam is generated in under 10 seconds. In stand by mode, vapour jet consumes very little energy: just 10% of the energy used during steam generation

Steam power adjustment: minimum for very delicate skin, a soft treatment. Medium for normal skin. Maximum for skin which requires intensive treatment

Removable water tank: quick-connect and remove: a practical feature which ensures your tank is kept perfectly clean

Scent and essential oil diffuser: using a special filter, the steam generator head can also deliver your chosen scent or oil, to aromatise the steam jet

Dual control: acoustic signal and light-up indicator display the water level; the appliance indicates low water or if the tank is too full