The first real hair lamination system with Bio Peptides and Thermo-active technology

Thermo active
BioPeptide technology

Hair lamination is a process that adds not only structure and body to hair, but also extraordinary shine for a “mirror effect”.

Illaminaction is a hair lamination system with Thermo Active Biopeptide Technology. The Thermo-Active technology based on Biopeptides (substances made up of two or more amino acids which, when combined, form proteins) and fluidifying oils is activated by heat and forms a «lamellar» coating on the cuticles, which makes the hair compact and shiny for a light-reflecting laminated effect. The synergy with Hyaluronic Acid allows you to keep the hair hydrated throughout the laminating process.

Opportunities for your salon

Illaminaction è il nuovo servizio in salone ideale sia per i capelli rovinata, deboli e spenti, che hanno bisogno di essere ristrutturati e ridensificati e acquisire luminosità, ma anche per tutti coloro che desiderano avere sui capelli un wow di luce ed extra brillantezza.

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  7. Can Illaminaction Lamination be performed on the same day hair is Bleached?
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