An evolution of formulas, concepts and design for ArgaBeta. 

A new mood that is contemporary yet faithful to the line’s original philosophy. 

The modern approach of the offer is a synthesis of research for new ingredients, substances derived from nature and the development of formulas that combine professional results, high quality and cosmetic effectiveness of hair treatments. 

Formulation principles and rigor, “free from ....” products, expression of respect for the environment and love for nature. 

Clean, elegant lines that are representative of Italian style embrace the Urban Lifestyle of contemporary women who care for their well-being and beauty. 

ArgaBeta, rigorously Made in Italy.

The distinctive ingredients of the ArgaBeta line

  • Vegan cosmetics: do not contain animal-derived ingredients or those for which the animals have been exploited.
  • Shampoo free from sls and sles: sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) and sodium laureth sulfate (sles) are surfactants, which means substances that are there to ‘dissolve’ the greasy dirt to facilitate elimination through rinsing. One oftheir attributes is to produce a lot of foam. A strong presence of these substances can affect the hydro-lipid balance of the scalp.
  • Silicone free products: silicone coats the shaft, completely covers the scales and gives the hair a silky and velvety aspect. The silicones do not dissolve in water: they are therefore not included in the formulas of products with rinsing to prevent them from being released into the groundwater.
  • Products free from mineral oils: the mineral oils are fluids that are found in nature, they are extracted by man and transformed into different substances. In cosmetic products, they can create a film on the skin and hair in order to prevent the water from evaporating, giving life to apparent hydration.
  • Products without artificial colourants: do not contain artificial colourants, which are there for the sole purpose of enhancing the aspect of the product texture, without any functional value.
  • We love pets: we defend animals by adhering to the legislative directive, which, since 2009, has imposed the prohibition on testing on animals, as well as the use and importation of cosmetic ingredients tested on animals.

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