One step UV-gel

Polymerises under UV and/or LED light.


25 extraordinary fashion colours, for outstanding results in just one simple application.

Lasts up to 3 weeks, quick to apply and super practical: the formula for success!

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De.Cor nails one step, enamel gel

1- Prepare the natural nail by removing the cuticles. 

2- Clean the nail using the Cleaner.

3- Apply De.Cor nails One Step enamel gel in a thin, even layer; we recommend “closing” each stroke correctly by painting right to the edge of the nail.

4- Polymerise under an LED lamp for 60 seconds, or a UV lamp for 120 seconds.

5- For a more intense colour result, apply a second layer, repeating the application process above.


De.cor nails one step, enamel gel

Wrap the nails in foil wraps, soaked in gel polish remover, liquid, and leave to act for 8 minutes.

Remove the foil wraps and, using an orange wood stick, remove any colour residue.

Now you're ready for another application of De.Cor nails one step gel enamel!