Vapo vapo

Available in colours:

  • 1002/ST with stand
  • 1002/MU with arm for wall mounting

Power: 230V ~ 50Hz - 620W

Weight with arm: 21,3kg

Weight with stand: 10,5kg

Package dimensions appliance: 82x51x40cm

Package dimensions foot: 76x17x10cm

Package dimensions arm: 100x38x20cm

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Scheda tecnica


  • Professional vaporiser for hair treatments
  • Shorter resting times
  • Ideal both for technical treatments and hair wellbeing treatments, to tone, revitalise and regenerate
  • Quadro comandi con display digitale a cristalli liquidi, di chiara interpretazione e facile utilizzo
  • Membrane switches
  • Electronically controlled operation
  • Removable water tank: quick-connect and remove: a practical feature which ensures your tank is kept perfectly clean
  • Serbatoio di recupero della condensa
  • Timer: beeps to signal the end of treatment
  • Dual control: safety feature automatically stops functioning if the amount of water in the tank falls below a certain level. Acoustic alert and light-up indicator
  • Time adjustment