UV smalto gel

Polymerises under UV and/or LED light.


High quality polish

74 fashion shades to free your imagination!

Something for every occasion, or simply for the pure pleasure of feeling beautiful!

Luminescent colours for a different extravagant combination every time. For a trendy, customised look.

Gel Polish, a pure gel formula that's as quick and easy to apply as an enamel, polymerising under UV light to give the nails a stunning high gloss finish that lasts for weeks without chipping.

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De.Cor nails by muster semi-permanent gel enamel

1 - Gently file the nail (use, for example, a 100 or 150 grain with flexible file).

2 - Remove any filing residue from the nail surface using a brush.

3 - Apply the pre-gel to correctly prepare the surface (dries in seconds). This will significantly increase the durability of the enamel.

4 - Apply the base/finish (or 3 vitamin base gel for fine and/or fragile nails). Or use the appropriate nail form, stencils (adhesive shapes), positioning them carefully close to the nail. Carefully apply the Structure base gel, to fill out empty space, smooth uneven nails or for minor reconstruction or extension treatments (up to approximately 2-3 mm). Polymerise for 120 seconds under a UV lamp.

5 - Apply the first layer of De.Cor nails gel enamel, avoiding contact with the cuticles (or hangnails). Tidy up any flaws using an orange wood stick, before polymerising for 120 seconds under a UV lamp.

6 - Apply the second layer of De.Cor Nails gel enamel and repeat the process as per the first layer.

7 - Finally, apply the protective gloss base/finish, then polymerise under a UV lamp for 120 seconds.

8 - Clean the surface of the nail with a mini disposable pad (for example: nail-pad or nailwipes), soaked in De-Cor-cleanser, a degreasing solution which removes dispersed gel and leaves nails dazzling with shine.

9 - When correctly delivered, treatments will last up to 3-4 weeks.





De.Cor nails by muster semi-permanent gel enamel

1 - File the nail evenly with a fine file or buffer to prepare the surface for treatment.

2 - Use a disposable foil sheet (for example: foil wrap) with synthetic sponge, soaked in gel polish remover solution.

3 - Place the sponge on the nail and block by firmly wrapping the foil around the finger.

4- Leave to rest for 8-10 minutes to allow the product to act.

5 - Remove the foil with sponge and remove the enamel, preferably using an orange wood stick.

6 - Continue by removing the foil with sponge from the next finger and repeat the process described above one nail at a time.

7 - Finish with a "buffer" or, if you wish to proceed with a new treatment, follow the instructions in the previous section, "applying gel enamel".