Slim Press 3in1

Sequential pressotherapy massage, heat treatment and electro-stimulation: the 3 treatments can be used individually, in pairs or all 3 simultaneously! Compact and quiet large colour touch screen display intuitive controls, extremely simple to use.

Professional multi-purpose device for sequential pressotherapy massage treatments, heat treatment and electro-stimulation.

The combined action of three different methods, working in synergy with each other, enhances and maximises the results that would be obtained through the individual treatments.

Sequential pressotherapy massage, infrared heat treatment and firming and toning electro-stimulation are well known in the professional beauty sector, both for their methods and for their positive, visible results.

The synergic action of the three methods delivered simultaneously improves treatment quality and intensifies the action of the individual processes, dramatically reducing the session time: for huge time savings!

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Beauty Equipment Body

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  • Power supply: 220-240V~ 50Hz
  • Maximum absorbed power: 250W
  • Appliance dimensions: 41x19x28,5cm
  • Appliance weight: 7,1kg
  • Package dimensions: 60x46,5x41cm
  • Gross weight: 23,5kg

Recommended for:


  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Swelling reduction - cellulite
  • Localised fat deposits
  • Vascularisation
  • Toning
  • Firming
  • Reduction of fluid retention
  • Toxin removal

Comes complete with:


  • 9 element multi-purpose blanket with quick-connect attachments for infrared and electro-stimulation functions, complete with cuffs
  • 2 inflatable foot/ankle/infrared units
  • 2 inflatable leg/infrared units
  • 2 inguinal pressure units
  • 1 inflatable abdomen/infrared unit
  • 2 inflatable arm/infrared units
  • Quick-fasten with high-resistance velcro

Function sequential pressotherapy


Pressotherapy massage exerts a beneficial toning and draining action on the lymphatic system which encourages natural nutrient formation, improving both the tone and the appearance of the skin, and counteracting some of the most common skin blemishes, such as cellulite, localised fat deposits and fluid retention. 

In patients with fluid retention, the natural increase in diuresis produces beneficial effects to support the elimination of waste retained in the tissues.

Function infrared heat treatment

Intensify treatment efficacy using good heat

Generalised warming, “thermally stimulates the tissues”, aiding muscle relaxation and the elimination of toxins by enhancing the action of the microcirculation.

For improved metabolic action and greater calorie and fat consumption efficiency.

The heat generated by diffusers, incorporated within the cuffs, significantly increases the effectiveness of a range of cosmetic products, from muds to reducing or draining bandages, fat reduction creams, draining treatments, cellulite reduction treatments and more.

Select from 10 different treatment intensity levels, and optimise treatment functionality: sweating, increased metabolism, microcirculation activation or relaxation.

Function toning - electro-stimulation

Tones and firms the muscles

Stimulation improves the vitality and beauty of the body, stimulating and developing new muscle tone. 

An excellent anti-cellulite tool, to stimulate the peripheral vascular system and lymphatic circulation. 

When muscle groups are not used for some time, this inevitably causes increased laxity. 

Targeted electro-stimulation awakens these muscles.

Improved appearance and enhanced physical form thanks to increased elasticity in the treated muscles.

Function pressotherapy massage


Treatment time selector.

Inflation time adjustment for each channel: from 1’ to 15”. Individual channels may be left deflated if necessary.

3 adjustable intensity levels: minimum, medium, maximum.

10 independently adjusted outlets.

4 pre-programmed operation settings:

A - sequential from foot to arm, with individual section inflation

B - sequential from foot to arm, with section pair inflation

C - sequential from foot to arm, maintaining inflated sections

D - sequential with simultaneous leg and arm activation

Function stimulation


Treatment time selector. 

Pulse intensity adjustment for each channel: from level 1 to 10. 

One or more channels may be excluded if necessary. 

3 adjustable intensity levels: minimum, medium, maximum.

Function infrared


Treatment time selector. 

Infrared temperature adjustment for each channel: from level 1 to 10.

The heating of one or more channels may be excluded if necessary.

Pre-heat function: you can activate the cuff pre-heat function before the client arrives: the ideal way to ensure maximum comfort, especially in winter.

Pre-heat can be programmed, at the operator’s discretion, the following number of minutes in advance: 5’ – 10’ – 15’ – 20’ – 25’ – 30’.