Available in versions:

  • 1015N MU- Wall-mounted version in black;
  • 1015N ST - Stand version in black;
  • 1015N - Chair version in black;
  • 1015B MU - Wall-mounted version in white;
  • 1015B ST - Stand version in white;
  • 1015B - Chair version in white.

For the wall version, the Seventy helmet is compatible with the articulated arm: 122.

Power: 230V – 50Hz. 1050W.

Weight with arm: 19,70Kg.

Weight with stand: 11,00Kg.

Weight head only: 8,00Kg.

Package dimensions appliance head only: 40x40x73cm.

Package dimensions arm: 100x38x20cm.

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Scheda tecnica


  • Opening dome
  • Two speeds di rotazione della ventola
  • Safety thermostat
  • Timer: 0 - 60’
  • Wirewound resistor
  • Non-deformable plastic covering
  • Per la versione a parete, il casco Seventy è compatibile con il braccio snodato 122