Riccioli d'oro

By Filippo Sepe, the fashion artist.

DVD inside, Discover the secrets of Filippo Sepe!

Pack includes demonstrative video, in which Filippo Sepe presents the extraordinary styles made possible with Riccioli d’Oro.

Blocca e sblocca la rotazione del manico durante il  trattamento, per ottenere effetti unici ed acconciature  innovative.

Available in 5 dimensions

  • 31576 - Ø 9,5mm
  • 31577 - Ø 13mm
  • 31578 - Ø 19mm
  • 31579 - Ø 22mm
  • 31580 - Ø 25mm

Universal power: 220-240V ~ 50Hz

Lunghezza: 33cm

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Scheda tecnica


  • Electronic temperature adjustment 140°C - 230°C
  • Digital display
  • Light weight
  • Professional cable: 3m
  • Rotating contact
  • Ergonomic
  • Golden titanium reflex coated barrel, less stress, gently caresses the hair, straightening in one stroke
  • Superprofessional 230°C
  • Puntale anti-calore
  • Section-clamper: to hold the hair securely in place
  • Integrated stand for placing on the worktop