A synergy of pure and natural essential oils Ylang-Ylang.

Enhanced formula.


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Actions and applications


  • Action: Relaxing; Hydrating; Antioxidant; Softening. For a sensation of wellbeing and relaxation, improves the mood and reduces tension. Hydrating, antioxidant properties act against wrinkles and stretch marks. Ideal for oily and dry skin.
  • Application: suitable for use on the face and body.
  • On the face: As an opening to general face treatments. Massage gently on the temple area and follow with a head massage. In hydrating or anti-aging treatments in combination with specific creams or masks.
  • On the body: apply down the sides of the spine, to the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, follow with a relaxing massage. During treatment, diffuse into the air using an essence diffuser.
  • How to use: Face 3 – 4 drops; Body 6 – 8 drops.