Niño Cartoon

Universal power: 230V ~ 50Hz - 1900W

Length: 17,5cm

Weight: 590g

Package contains:

  • 1 Phon Niño Cartoon
  • 1 Finger diffuser
  • 1 Removible concentrator
  • 1 Sacchetto porta-kit da viaggio

Available in colors:

  • 2467950 FUCHSIA 
  • 2467920 ORANGE 
  • 2467932 GREEN
  • 2467938 LIGHT BLUE

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Motore long life

Long lasting professional engine, designed to guarantee you more than 500 working hours.

Heating control system

Intervenes to prevent damage to resistance in the case of excessive heat increase due to, for example, a clogged air filter.

Technical data


  • 2 Speed
  • 5 Adjustable temperature
  • Extreme power: 1900W
  • Professional cable: 3m
  • Removable filter
  • 1 concentrator
  • Cold air blast button
  • Professional AC LONG LIFE motor. Specifically designed for continuous use in the hairdresser’s salons
  • Hanging hook
  • Rubber cable gland
  • With a metal front grid for withstanding the very high air temperature, which occurs when the device is used at its maximum power
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Travel bag
  • Finger diffuser Ø 14cm. Incredibly lightweight, it does not unbalance the hairdryer. The long, perforated prongs in the central part allow it to work effectively even in depth, making it the ideal solution for thick and voluminous hairstyles.