Light 2.0

Progressively permanent hair removal treatment.

High intensity, pulsed light photoepilation exploits the principle of selective photothermolysis, generating a series of light flashes that inhibit the cells responsible for hair growth, contributing to the permanent and progressive removal of unwanted hairs.

The handpiece item no. 99450 is guaranteed for one year and/or 80,000 spots if performed in the first 12 months.

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Beauty Equipment Epilation

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Strong points


0,2“ colour touch screen display 80,000 spots.

Large size of the treated area per single spot: up to 7.5 cm²

Combined air + water cooling and peltier cell

Fast treatment: the quick cooling ability of the handpiece and its sophisticated technology assure a significant decrease in treatment times.

How it works


  • By using the CONCENTRATED ENERGY of XENON LIGHT, the application acts directly on the hair bulb, with amazing results.
  • The area to be depilated is hit by a beam of light. Due to its radiation frequency, very little of it is absorbed by the skin and it is instead absorbed by the hair. Thanks to its melanin, the hair conveys the energy turned into heat down to the hair root, neutralises the hair bulbs and prevents them from growing back.
  • According to the principle of photothermolysis, the melanin pigment in the hairs absorbs light in a selective manner.
  • Melanin is a chromophore that absorbs light in a wide range of frequencies. The absorbed light energy is turned into thermal energy which leads to the destruction of the hair bulb.
  • Pulsed light acts directly on the hair bulb (hair in the anagen phase), preventing hair regrowth, without affecting the surrounding skin.
  • The special flexibility of the appliance makes it possible to set it up according to the features of skin and hairs (guided mode), or to change treatment specifications in real time.

Computerised medical history


  • The computerised medical history is simple and user friendly. 
  • Just lightly touch the screen on the desired function and the appliance lets you easily examine all parameters to set up a treatment correctly: all in a matter of seconds.
  • Light 2.0 establishes the adequate power level and the specific filter to be used for the treatment, to select, in very few screens, the relevant settings such as skin colour, as well as hair colour and appearance.
  • At the end of the medical history the screen will display the summary of the selected data for you to check and will then allow treatment to be started.

Photorejuvenation treatment (optional)


  • Not to be used by the Aesthetic Operator in Italy (It. Ministerial Decree 206 of 15/10/2015).
  • SKIN PHOTO-REJUVENATION is obtained thanks to the benefi cial effects of pulsed light treatment which, by stimulating the areas concerned, reawakens their correct and natural functions.
  • The innovative technologies offered by LIGHT 2.0 have produced visible improvements also in conditions of skin abnormalities such asi: BLOTCHY SKIN, WRINKLES, SUPERFICIAL CAPILLARIES, LOW SKIN TONE. 
  • The light flash is able to deeply activate the skin, stimulating the production of new COLLAGEN, which REVITALISES the skin texture and structure.

Technical specifications


Photoepilation - 600nm filter (suitable for phototypes I-II-III);

640nm filter (suitable for phototypes IV-V-VI).

  • Spot 15mm x 50mm (7,5cm²).
  • EMITTED ENERGY: adjustable from 2 to 20 J/cm².
  • SPOT WIDTH 12 ms.
  • Single spot or Multispot feature (continuous spot emission to speed up treatment).
  • Pause between spots in Multispot mode: adjustable from 1“ to 4“.
  • Charge time after the pulse: 250ms (0.25“).
  • Light unit cooling system: combined Water + Air + Peltier Cells.
  • Temperature adjustment of the emission crystal in contact with the skin: from -5ºC to 5ºC.
  • Service life of the lamp/handpiece: 80,000 spots.
  • Average power input in operation: 180W.
  • Maximum power input while charging: 2300W.
  • Voltage 230V ~ 50Hz.

Technical data


  • Weight of the appliance with water+handpiece: 27.8 kg
  • Weight of the appliance without water+handpiece: 26.6 kg
  • Weight of the packaging including appliance and accessories (without gel and water tank): 41kg
  • weight of gel + water: 10.5 kg
  • Packaging dimensions: 70x53xh57 cm
  • Appliance dimensions 45x76xh75.5 cm (with handpiece fi tted on)