Laser4you Extreme 800

New larger spot size up to 240 mm².

Faster treatments.

Treat a greater surface in a shorter time: save 50%.

Enhanced cooling system.

Optimum results, complete safety.

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Beauty Equipment Epilation

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Device features


Appliance dimensions: 44.8x54.3(with monitor raised 72.3)x43.1cm.

Appliance weight: 41kg.

Package dimensions: 58x70x60cm.

Gross weight: 57.3kg. 

The laser4you extreme 800W epilation laser complies with Beauty Sector regulations, namely: decree no.110 of 12 may 2011 and decree no.206 of 15 october 2015.

Technical information sheet no. 21b.

Category: defocused aesthetic laser for hair removal.

Equipment list: Aesthetic hair removal laser.

There are no usage restrictions on the laser4you extreme 800W epilation laser.

Technical specifications


Source: laser diode

Wavelength: 808nm.

Laser diode power: 800W.

Handpiece spot dimensions: 12x20mm (240 mm²).



single spot (divisible); 

multiple spot (1-12 seconds).

Fluency: 1 - 40 J/cm².

Pulse width: 10 – 300ms.

Spot area cooled -5°C to +5°C (adjustable) handpiece head cooling.

With peltier cells (safe, innovative technology) + water and air. 

Average handpiece lifetime Up to 10 million spots. 

Laser generation system button + pedal.

Screen 8.4” colour touch screen power supply: 230V ~ 50Hz – 2000W.

What Laser4you Extreme 800 offers


Higher income capacity:thanks to the reduced time taken for each single treatment.

Profit: the high treatment turnover means higher earnings for the institute.Profi T is also increased by the option to combine multiple hair removal treatments on different parts of the body, even in the same session. Increase your earnings! 

Speed: execution speed = saving time for clients who are ever increasingly busy.

Functionality and efficiency: visible results instantly. Just 5-7 sessions for a complete treatment.

Safety: software for use and function control + quality of materials used + tested protocols allow you to work all year round, even on suntanned skin. (with particular caution).

Comfortable: practically painless treatment. High intensity cooling.

Targeted: optimum results even on diffi cult zones such as elbows, knees, chin, upper lip area…

Cutting edge design: nothing is left to chance, design and ergonomics are the “skin” that encompasses the highest level technology.

Client benefits


Much faster treatments, for better use of their time.

More comfortable treatments ensure the clients are happy with the system and see their treatment cycles through to the end.

The treatment cycle (much faster than with previous technologies) offers improved results and client satisfaction.

Higher execution speeds save time and money, even on larger areas (legs, back, etc.).

Almost painless.

Practitioner benefits


Innovative technology that improves comfort and light absorption.

No topical anaesthetic or secondary cooling needed. 

Treatment times reduced by around 75%. 

Treatment cycles reduced by around 40%. 

Treat large areas in a short amount of time. 

Treat even darker skin phototypes (with caution).