Available in versions:

  • With stand - 1001/ST
  • With arm for wall mounting - 1001/MU

Power: 230V ~ 50Hz - 620W

Weight with arm: 23kg

Weight with stand: 14kg

Package dimensions appliance: 82x51x40cm

Package dimensions foot: 63x61x11,5cm

Package dimensions arm: 100x38x20cm

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Scalp wellbeing

iMaster's unique action encourages:

Pore opening;

Removal of dead cells;

Improved circulation;

Deep down cleansing;

Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action;

Increased shine, elasticity and hydration.


Hair wellbeing

iMaster's targeted action encourages:

Reduced stress;

Uniform, long-lasting and penetrating treatment;

Toning of the hair’s structure;

Firmly established and longer-lasting results.

Phase 1

Stean + Ozone + Ions

iMaster generates steam combined with ozone to encourage the opening up of hair’s outer scales and facilitate deep down treatment absorption.

The presence of negative ions is important during this phase to tone the hair structure, and also has a positive effect on the scalp.

Fase 2

Ozono + Ioni

Si interrompe l’emissione del vapore.

La presenza di ozono coadiuva ed accelera la chiusura naturale delle squame e fissa il risultato in modo uniforme.

Anche l’emissione di ioni negativi continua, come i suoi benefici effetti.

Scheda tecnica


  • Professional vaporiser for hair treatments
  • Shorter resting times
  • Ideal both for technical treatments and hair wellbeing treatments, to tone, revitalise and regenerate
  • Quadro comandi con display digitale a cristalli liquidi, di  chiara interpretazione e facile utilizzo
  • Membrane switches
  • Electronically controlled operation
  • 24 settings pre-impostati
  • Removable water tank: quick-connect and remove: a practical feature which ensures your tank is kept perfectly clean
  • Serbatoio di recupero della condensa
  • Timer: beeps to signal the end of treatment
  • Dual control: safety feature automatically stops functioning if the amount of water in the tank falls below a certain level. Acoustic alert and light-up indicator
  • Time adjustment
  • Steam + Ozone + Ions

24 pre-programmed settings

To make it easier to choose settings and optimise your use of the appliance.

Option to adjust the pre-programmed times to create personalised treatments for more "difficult" hair as necessary.

Significantly reduced treatment times, in some cases up to a fifth of the standard time.

The iMaster “my iconic partner” significantly reduces technical treatment times as it works on two active phases simultaneously:

It generates steam combined with ozone.

This encourages the opening up of the hair’s outer scales.

Facilitates deep down treatment absorption and improves adhesion to the hair’s keratin structure.

It generates ozone to the benefit of the hair and scalp.

This accelerates the closing of the hair’s scales. For longer lasting, even results.

It leaves the hair silky and bursting with shine.

Throughout the treatment process, the generation of beneficial Negative ions brings toning action.

Principio di funzionamento


Ozone: not only nature's finest disinfectant, but also an unbeatable natural oxidant.

  • Combined with steam, it brings synergic, unique and unbeatable action. It disinfects the hair and scalp, helping to drastically limit allergic reactions, which can occur in some individuals during cosmetic treatments. The ozone quickly breaks down in oxygen thanks to its natural instability, which acts locally in a beneficial way, particularly on the skin. Its oxidising action is natural, offering unique colour "hold" and technical treatment acceleration: an effect that overturns and exceeds any traditional technique and that makes iMaster the Stylist's true partner.

Steam: a positive heat

  • Steam acts gently and evenly on the hair and scalp, because its water molecules, in the gaseous state, naturally reach every space, every keratin stem, every area of the epidermis. Its "good heat" opens up the skin's outer layer (or cuticle), allowing more effective "penetration" of the treatment into the hair. And that’s not all. It opens up the pores on the scalp, cleansing them and preparing them to receive treatment benefits. Its uniform "humid action" homogenises and corroborates each treatment phase, making treatments more effective overall.

Negative Ions: say goodbye to static hair!

  • Negative ions compensate for positive charge introduced by treatments, preventing the hair from becoming reactive and “lively” during straightening. For hair that’s easy-to-tame, stable treatment results, and shiny, restructured, healthy-looking hair.