iCompact Laser 2.0

Compact and easy to handle laser device for progressive permanent hair removal treatments, fitted with a handy trolley. Top-level results in complete safety.

Up to 40 Joules/cm2 of ENERGY to remove the most challenging hairs. 

ECOLOGICAL SYSTEM SOLO 900W Great energy savings; it consumes up to 50% less! High performance, low energy consumption. 

Computerised medical history software with highly intuitive, advanced graphics.


The Hair Removal Lasers iCompact 2.0 - Mega Laser 808 - My Laser Dual System 808-1064 comply with the current regulations governing the Beauty Sector, namely: - Italian Decree no. 110 of 12 May 2011, and - Italian Decree 15 October 2015 no. 206. - Technical Information Sheet no. 21b. - Category: AESTHETIC DEFOCUSED LASER FOR HAIR REMOVAL. - List of devices: Laser for aesthetic hair removal.


Luxury Laser

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Techincal data


  • Source: Diode laser
  • Wave length: 808nm (nanometres)
  • Laser power: 300W
  • Handpiece spot size: 14x14mm (196mm²)
  • Work mode: Single spot (dividable) and multiple (1 to 10 per second) work modes
  • Fluence: 1÷40 J/cm2
  • Max. energy density: 40J/cm²
  • Cooled spot area: From -5°C to +5°C (adjustable)
  • Handpiece head cooling: Peltier cells (Safe and innovative technology)
  • Laser emission: Button + Pedal system
  • Screen: Full HD 11.5” colour touch-screen
  • Session time: Reduced time for each area - example: 4/6 min
  • Pulse speed: Up to 8 spots/second
  • Sessions per area: From 8 to 10
  • Phototypes treated: Up to the sixth
  • Number of diode bars: 6 x 50W
  • Cooling: Integrated circuit water
  • Handpiece cooling: Peltier cells (safe and innovative technology) + water + air
  • Handpiece service life: Up to 10 million spots* (performed at average power value)
  • Seasonal period: over all 12 months of the year
  • Effects on the skin: Basically painless
  • Environment in the facility: No odours

*handpiece item 99510 is guaranteed one year and/or 10,000,000 spots if carried out within the first 12 months

  • Power supply: 220V-240V ~ 50/60Hz – 900W
  • Device size: 55.5x41xH42.5 cm
  • Device size with handpiece mounted: 55.5x47.5xH42.5cm
  • Package sizes: 69x51x63.5cm
  • Device weight, complete with handpiece: 25.6kg
  • Device weight with packaging: 41.5kg

Long Life Control System


Advanced laser diode polarisation for longer service life and higher performances.



Ergonomic 300W handpiece for maximum treatment comfort.

With you everywhere


Handy transport trolley, fitted with wheels and handle for easy moving.