R.F. - intensive anti-aging and super hydrating treatment, face and body.

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Device features


  • Two outputs with separate, specific power levels, for face and body treatments.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • All functions can be individually activated with a single command .
  • 4 colour touch screen graphic display.
  • For each treatment selected, in addition to the technical parameters for value adjustment, an image of the chosen treatment tool is displayed.
  • High quality, practical accessories.
  • Handy accessory holder

Technical specifications


  • Power supply: 230V – 50Hz.
  • Package dimensions 560x470x250mm.
  • Net weight: 8.00kg.
  • Gross weight: 10.00kg.
  • Appliance dimensions 400x315x195mm
  • Appliance dimensions with accessory holder: 500x315x195mm.
  • Appliance dimensions with accessory holder and handpieces: 500x315x285mm.

Treatment Face

Radiofrequency R.F. -intensive anti-aging and super hydrating treatment

Improves skin microcirculation by increasing tissue oxygenation.

The methodology and the physical principle are closely linked to localised hyperthermia.

The analgesic and therapeutic properties of heat are well known to researchers and investigators, who have used a wide range of methods to induce heat on the human body. 

Radiofrequency is one of the most modern techniques used in anti-aging and skin sagging treatments, softening wrinkles and reducing skin laxity whilst still maintaining stability. 

Radiofrequency uses a high frequency alternating electric current: this energy flow does not affect the nervous and muscular tissue, but produces a “controlled thermal effect”, promoting an increase in the temperature of the dermis.

By heating the subcutaneous layer, radiofrequency treatment brings anti-aging, restructuring, resculpting action.

The radiofrequency flow encourages the contraction of collagen fibres and, in the long term promotes the synthesis of new collagen.

Once the treatment cycle is complete, the skin will be left visibly fuller and brighter, helping counteract the unattractive signs of skin aging.

Treatment body

Counteracts the imperfections of cellulite

Improves microcirculation.

Reduces unsightly lumps.

Anti-lipolytic effect. 

An outstanding treatment for the body too, to counteract cellulite, fatty deposits and skin sagging.

After the treatment you will see improved microcirculation and proper distribution of the treated tissue, with marked reduction in the unattractive lumps and blemishes caused by localised oedema, with visible anti-lipolytic effect. 

The electromagnetic fi eld that is created between the two electrodes causes an increase in cell metabo-lism that, by varying the permeability of cell membranes, increases the consumption of oxygen and local circulation, promoting cellular exchanges and combustion of the localized fat.

Beauty up, thanks to the bipolar wave diathermy, stimulates natural processes such as the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, increasing their action and encouraging the rebalancing of the treated areas.

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