Beautiful 10in1

Professional Multi-purpose Facial Treatment System.

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Device features


  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • All functions can be individually activated.
  • With a single control.
  • Pre-set programmes.
  • Colour touch screen graphic display.
  • For each selected treatment, in addition to the technical settings for value adjustment and programme selection, the display also shows an image of the accessory to use for the treatment.
  • High quality, practical accessories.
  • Handy accessory holder

Technical specifications


  • Power supply: 230V~50Hz 250W.
  • Appliance dimensions without accessory holder: 32x40,50x18,50cm.
  • Appliance dimensions with accessory holder: 51,50x40,50x30cm.
  • Weight: 9,0kg.
  • Gross weight: 12,0kg.
  • Max absorption max: 250W.
  • Package dimensions: 56x47x25cm.
  • Volume: 0,07mc.

10 in 1


  • 1 - R.F. radiofrequency.
  • 2 - 25kHz ultrasound scrub.
  • 3 - 1MHz ultrasound.
  • 4 - Micro-Ionophoresis.
  • 5 - Electronic cleanse.
  • 6 - Lifting – electro-stimulation.
  • 7 - H.F. High frequency.
  • 8 - H. Brush – exfoliation.
  • 9 - Spray – nebuliser.
  • 10 - Vacuum – blackhead and impurity removal.

Treatment 1


1MHz ultrasound with 2 applicators: 

Anti-aging, micro-stimulation, hydration, draining

Main adjustment settings

Ultrasound intensity adjustment, 3 different work phases:

  • light pulse;
  • medium pulse;
  • intensive continuous.

Using 1MHz ultrasound on the dermis, the appliance:

  • improves skin microcirculation by increasing tissue oxygenation;
  • increases cell permeability to encourage the activation of chemical and enzymatic reactions;
  • increases hydration due to osmotic phenomena activated by the positive effect of the ultrasonic wave;
  • delivers mechanical micro-massage: toning;
  • delivers thermal action, varying the temperature of the epidermis;
  • delivers chemical action for the migration of nutrients, encouraging waste elimination.

Two ultrasound handpieces:

  • Large surface applicator for treating larger areas of the face, neck and d.collet.
  • Small surface applicator for treating areas such as the eye area, lips, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Treatment 2

Scrub con applicatore a lama ad ultrasuoni

Scrub with 25kHz ultrasound blade applicator: deep peel

the action of the ultrasound on the applicator blade helps transport nutrients into the capillaries being trea-ted (hyperemia), stimulating local circulation.

It encourages cell turnover, increasing hydration and leaving the skin visibly toned, radiant and silky smooth to the touch.

Main adjustment settings

Applicator blade vibration intensity adjustment:

3 different work phases:

  • light pulse;
  • medium pulse;
  • intensive continuous.

Treatment 3 face

Radiofrequency: intensive anti-aging and super hydrating treatment

The methodology and the physical principle are closely linked to localised hyperthermia.

The analgesic and therapeutic properties of heat are well known to researchers and investigators, who have used a wide range of methods to induce heat on the human body.

Radiofrequency is one of the most modern techniques used in anti-aging and skin sagging treatments, softening wrinkles and reducing skin laxity whilst still maintaining stability.

Radiofrequency uses a high frequency alternating electric current: this energy flow does not affect the nervous and muscular tissue, but produces a “controlled thermal effect”, promoting an increase in the temperature of the dermis.

Radiofrequency R.F. Intensive anti-aging and super hydrating treatment

By heating the subcutaneous layer, radiofrequency treatment brings anti-aging, restructuring, resculpting action.

The radiofrequency flow encourages the contraction of collagen fibres and, in the long term promotes the synthesis of new collagen.

Once the treatment cycle is complete, the skin will be left visibly fuller and brighter, helping counteract the unattractive signs of skin aging.

The effects of radiofrequency are not immediate, although you will see instant improvement in skin appearance and firmness, the overall effects are gradual, occurring over days and weeks, with maximum impact, in some cases, after 1-2 months of treatment.

Treatment 3 beauty

R.F. body with optional body handpiece item 99258

An outstanding treatment for the body too, to counteract cellulite, fatty deposits and skin sagging.

After the treatment you will see improved microcirculation and proper distribution of the treated tissue, with marked reduction in the unattractive lumps and blemishes caused by localised oedema, with visible anti-lipolytic effect.

Treatment 4

Microionophoresis promotes absorption of active ingredients

Main adjustment settings:

current intensity adjustment;

current polarity selection.

Microionophoresis currents encourage the correct distribution of cosmetic products and the development of their beneficial effects, increasing treatment efficiency. 

Microionophoresis is also recommended for use with soaked nonwoven fabric masks.

Treatment 5

Descalcificador electrónico - tratamiento de limpieza profunda

Principales parámetros de regulación:

regulación de intensidad de la corriente;

selección de la polaridad de la corriente.

Elimina el exceso de sebo y las impurezas de la piel actuando en profundidad, y prepara la piel para cualquier tratamiento posterior, aumentando la eficacia de los productos cosméticos que se utilicen.

Treatment 6

Lifting – electro-stimulation – microstimulation

Two different stimulation methods:

two monopolar handpieces to stimulate the individual muscle groups of the face, neck and décolleté;

a bipolar handpiece for stimulation of the areas around the eyes, lips and for microstimulation of the epidermis.


Main adjustment settings

Pulse intensity adjustment, 3 different work phases:




Differentiated electrostimulatory action acts on the musculature of the face where it is necessary to tone and recover muscular form, improving the appearance of the epidermis. 

This effect is coadjuvant to electro-lymphatic drainage which, in combination with the involuntary contraction of the muscular bands, brings visible improvement in the appearance of the skin, a “lifting effect” brought about by increased muscular tone.

Treatment 7

H.F. (high frequency) microcurrent massage - antiseptic

Main adjustment settings:

Microcurrent intensity adjustment.

Thanks to the microcurrents produced by the appliance and delivered through special glass electrodes, this revitalising massage reactivates local skin circulation, encouraging antiseptic action.

Treatment 8

Brush – exfoliation

Main adjustment settings:

rotation speed selector;

rotation change.

Thoroughly cleanses the skin surface by removing dead cells using special rotating brushes, with hard and soft bristles of different diameters. 

In line with the individual characteristics and condition of the skin, you can select the correct speed and brush rotation direction to intensify the scrub effect.

Treatment 9

Vacuum – blackhead and impurity removal

Main adjustment settings:

Aspiration speed selector

Useful to remove impurities (blackheads) without manual mechanical action (pressing or squeezing).

The treatment uses suction through special glass cannulas.

Spray – nebuliser

Treatment 10

Main adjustment settings:

Slight air flow adjustment.

Use the container provided to spray cosmetic substances without the need for additional gases.