Active Gel Cellulite

With Extract of Ivy, Aescin, Caffeine, Brown Seaweed and Silanol Complex.

Synergic Action with Radio Frequency, Ultrasound and Soft Laser.

Specific gel for synergic use with R.F., Ultrasound and Soft Laser, it promotes the conduction of energies and excellent absorption of carefully selected functional substances for the treatment of cellulite imperfections. Improves skin appearance looking more compact, toned, firm and moisturised. Preventive action against cellulite.

At the end of the treatment, rub in according to your preferred technique, until it is completely absorbed.


No alcol e coloranti.

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Caffeine is contained in reduction products as it stimulates skin microcirculation and helps to eliminate excess fluid, making the skin firmer.


It is known for its remarkable draining and detoxing effect, useful when there is an accumulation of toxins; it helps microcirculation and cell turnover, protects the blood vessels and strengthens the connective tissue of the blood vessels.