Aquadream is a colour therapy bed with adjustable colour intensity, designed to bring serenity and create the optimum physical and mental conditions for your treatment: :

A bath of light which gives new vitality.

Bed dimensions: 205x78x77cm.

Package dimensions: 224x93x37cm.


  • Isothermic blanket 99141.
  • Acqua Dream mattress 99207. Dimensions 83x76cm.


  • Control unit with bipolar switch and programmable manual On/Off timer with charge reserve for power failure, 5 days.
  • Time settings in 15’ stages.
  • Option to exclude timer.

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Principali caratteristiche


Simple and intuitive control interface:

3 buttons for 3 different temperature settings: Toning 32°C; Relaxing 36°C; Slimming 40°C.

On-Off button.

Indicates the selected programme and the relative temperature.

Indicates the heating element status active/inactive of the mattress heater.


3 polyurethane mattresses + 1 additional mattress.

Water mattress hose kit, including universal tap connector for fi lling.

5 isothermic covers.


Ready for use in just: 2.5 hours.

Low consumption, just 300Wh to maintain the working temperature.

Total weight with water mattresses: 200kg.

Installed power 1200W.

Heat-up from cold (from starting water temperature 25°C): 2.5 hours.

Temperature maintenance (slimming cycle 40°C): approx. 300Wh.

Use of isothermic cover: with appliance switched off, loss of 1°C per hour.

The colour therapy colour controls allow you to activate and deactivate 4 different colour cycles:

1 - Harmonising cycle – dominant colour green – four colour phases from green, yellow, orange and aquamarine.

2 - Energy cycle – dominant colour yellow – four colour phases from yellow, orange, red and amber.

3 - Vitality cycle – dominant colour blue – four colour phases from blue, light blue, orchid and violet.

4 - Rainbow cycle – all colours in a pre-programmed chromatic sequence of 10 colours for 30” each.

For cycles 1), 2) and 3) each colour phase lasts 1 minute and repeats in the same sequence until the cycle OFF command or the whole system is turned off.

The colour cycle also repeats until the OFF command for that particular cycle, the activation of another colour cycle or until the system is switched Off.

Possible uses:

Hot Stone.

In and Yang.

Pinda Sveda.

Anti Stress.

Stretching & Thermal.




Muds and Essential Oils.

Reducing, draining and firming bandages.