Rich in mucilage, which binds water, mallow extract brings hydrating action, as well as boasting emollient, nourishing and shining properties, restructuring and smoothing the hair.

St. John's wort Extract

St. John's Wort contains an essential oil, flavonoids (iperina) and diantrons (hypericin). From an aspect of the topical and cosmetic effect, the main substance is iperina and, in fact, its soothing and anti-redness properties associated with the purifying properties of the essence, allow useful cosmetic effects to be obtained from St. John's Wort.

Actions and applications


  • Action: Buffer solution useful to stop the exfoliating action of products once leave-on time is up. Also useful if you suddenly experience a burning sensation on your skin or excessive skin redness.
  • How to apply: After applying the exfoliating product, dab the area to be treated with a cotton pad well soaked in Stop A.H.A.
  • When to use: Always after applying the exfoliating product.