Snail secretion

La secreción del caracol is used in cosmetics for the following properties: Nourishing - Regenerating/Healing - Exfoliating - Purifying - Hydrating - Antioxidant - Soothing - Anti-wrinkle. Effective on signs of acne, blemishes and scars.

Actions and applications


  • Action: Anti-Age – Nourishing – Hydrating; naturally rich in Collagen - Elastin - Allantonin - Glycolic acid and Vitamins, helps fight and prevent the onset of wrinkles and nourishes the face, providing tone, elasticity, softness and radiance.
  • Nourishing action: Around 80% of the skin is made of elastin and collagen fibres, substances which should be integrated using cosmetic products which contain them. For this reason, the mucous produced by snails, used as an active ingredient in creams, promises to make tissues more elastic and toned, with a consequent healthy effect on wrinkles, which become less visible.
  • Regenerating action: Regenerating action is ensured by the allantoin, which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen fibres, allowing tissue repair and the softening of wrinkles. Allantoin can actually remove most signs of scarring, skin blemishes, and burns and also slows down the skin ageing process.
  • Exfoliating action: Thanks to the presence of glycolic acid, a cream containing snail secretion allows delicate peeling of the skin surface layer, useful in reducing skin blemishes.
  • Purifying action: Peptides and Glycolic Acid, contained in snail secretion, are the main bringers of purifying action. These substances prevent the accumulation of impurities or, if already present, can repel them. For this reason, a cosmetic product containing snail secretion can be helpful in tackling acne.
  • Hydrating action: Thanks to the proteins present, snail secretion helps to oxygenate tissues and to hydrate, for healthy feeling skin.
  • Anti-oxidant action: Vitamin C and Vitamin E reduce inflammation and protect against free radicals.
  • How to apply: After cleansing, apply the cream to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and at night, massaging gently until totally absorbed. For fresher, brighter, restructured skin, with stretching effect.
  • When to use: Use daily, in the morning and at night.