Vitamin E

Acts to protect lipids and helps to keep the hydration of the skin well balanced. It has a protective and defensive action on the skin during the aging process and against harmful environmental factors.

Sweet Almond oil

With its remarkable softening, smoothing, protective and elasticizing properties, as well as its high content of proteins, glucides, mineral salts and vitamins (especially vitamin A and group B), it is particularly skin-friendly and suitable for any skin type, even highly sensitive and delicate skins.

Coconut oil

Nourishing and Protective. Very nourishing, it significantly reduces skin dehydration and has a strong soothing effect. Its effect is that of an actual balm on the skin: it deeply nourishes the skin, prevents dehydration and soothes chapping and possible inflammation, burns and disorders. It also has an anti-aging effect, perfect for mature skin.

Actions and applications


·         Action: Specific moisturising and protective body massage cream; instantly nourishes and softens the skin, ensuring a long-lasting emollient action. Ideal for restoring moisture and elasticity to the skin.

·         How to apply: Very smooth massage cream, to be used with any technique. Apply to skin and massage with your preferred technique until fully absorbed.