A substance which stimulates tissue regeneration, promotes skin turnover and favours the proliferation of keratinocytes, replacing dead cells with new cells.

Shea butter

Its main chemical constituent is a high level of triglycerides, responsible for the softening, hydrating and regenerating properties that are beneficial to the skin barrier. Shea butter is mainly used in cosmetics to soften, hydrate and moisturise the skin.


In low concentrations it is incorporated into the formulation of ointments, lotions and perfumes, due to its characteristic aroma and its refreshing effect upon application on the skin.

Actions and applications


·         Action: Rich, fast-absorbing cream suitable for foot massage. Refreshing and purifying, it provides an intense feeling of well-being. Nourishes and softens the skin, protecting it against dryness and cracking. Leaves skin non-greasy, moisturised, soft and scented.

·         How to apply: Apply the cream to clean, dry feet and massage until fully absorbed. Ideal also after a pedicure, scrub or paraffin bath.