A substance which stimulates tissue regeneration, promotes skin turnover and favours the proliferation of keratinocytes, replacing dead cells with new cells.


In the cosmetic field, Panthenol, by virtue of its outstanding moisturising, emollient and soothing effect, is the ingredient of choice in many cosmetic products for dry or irritated skin. In addition to its well-known hydrating properties, Panthenol is also recommended for its emollient and soothing activity.

Vegetable oils and butters

Nourishing and Elasticising: Complex of Wheat Germ, Sweet Almonds, Soy and Shea.

Actions and applications


·         Action: Fast-absorbing cream, enriched with ingredients of plant origin with an intense protective action, which provide instant moisture and nourishment to regenerate and soften your hands, without leaving them feeling greasy. Ideal for restoring the skin’s moisture and elasticity, it leaves the skin moisturised, soft and scented.

·         How to apply: Apply to hands several times a day, massaging until fully absorbed. Ideal also after a manicure, scrub or paraffin bath.