Elastin gives the skin its characteristic elastic response when subjected to mechanical stress.

Yeast extract

A natural source of substances that are beneficial for a healthy body and for nourishing the skin and hair. Yeast is an effective ingredient in purifying the skin and restoring its beauty and treating and preventing acne.

Actions and applications


  • Action: firms and repairs skin tissue; improves skin elasticity, for a softer and smoother look; combats free radicals and the formation of stretch marks. Yeast: combats aging and tissue slackening elastin: strengthens and hydrates collagen fibres.
  • How to use: apply the product generously to the relevant areas of the body, massage using the preferred technique until fully absorbed.
  • With applicator: after radio frequency treatment, apply the toning cream to intensify the specific action of the product.
  • When to use: in-salon, twice weekly as part of a toning/firming package self-treatment, daily application to the areas requiring treatment, massaging lightly until fully absorbed.