Consumers are increasingly aware of the harmful effects that pollutants contained in the air can have on the health and appearance of hair and scalp, and this is driving the demand for specific products that adequately address this problem.

In more detail, consumers understand how exogenous agents (pollution and fine dust, wind, sun) and endogenous agents (use/abuse of drugs, stress, poor nutrition) can attack the hair cuticle and fibre, leaving the hair weak and fragile and increasing hair loss.

The scalp is also subject to these aggressions, becoming more sensitive over time, and more likely to suffer reactions and irritations.

Colour can become less vibrant and bright, and technical treatments can become less effective if performed on hair which is already devitalised.

Offering an effective solution to this problem, the dikson laboratories bring you the new Keiras Urban Barrier line.

Keiras Urban Barrier

Keiras Urban Barrier