Dull hair without tone, weak hair fibre and brittle hair are symptoms of damaged and treated hair. To rebuild the imperfect material of hair subjected to aggressive and repeated treatments, we need exclusive products and new energies.

And it is with this in mind that repair products from the vegKERATIN line are formulated and enriched with plant Keratin (hydrolysed Rice and Soy proteins) in order to naturally reduce damage to the hair.

Plant Keratin (Phytokeratin): plant keratin, or phytokeratin, is composed of low and medium molecular weight hydrolysed proteins derived from WHEAT, RICE, CORN and SOY.

Since it is easily absorbed, it has a reconstruction action like a “FILLER” that recomposes the damaged structure of the hair, faithfully restoring the cell’s architecture.

It has a good supporting effect on the hair and compensates for damage caused by perms and fixatives.