Three products.

Three phases.

One synergic result for hair protection and the integrity of its health during technical treatments.

Diksoplex Defensive combines the effectiveness of an innovative technology and effective formulas to its simplicity of use. 

A few simple steps guarantee the best and most effective protection of the hair during technical treatments without modifying traditional applications and without interfering on their duration and result.

Diksoplex Defensive is made of Prodew®500, a mix of amino acids that penetrate the internal and external structure of the hair and interact to repair even the most damaged hair fiber, restoring the ideal conditions of hydration, strength and texture.

Diksoplex Defensive


To all those clients who require technical treatments at the salon and to those who have damaged hair due to repeated technical treatments.

Diksoplex Defensive does not modify in any way the habitual methods of application of technical services, nor in their application phases, or in their timing, but it guarantees the protection of hair structure during the treatments.

Whether the mix ratio of the colouring cream is 1:1 or 1:1.5, the dilution with Diksoplex Defensive 1.Shield does not change; it is still 2ml of product every 20ml of colouring cream.

The dilution changes when the mix ratio with the oxidizing emulsion is for a super bleaching colouring cream: in this case, 4ml of Diksoplex Defensive 1.Shield are used for every 25g of super bleaching colouring cream.

Yes, if the structure of the hair allows it.

No, the bleaching power does not change. 

However, it is fundamental to respect the blending doses.

Definitely yes, it is possible to use Diksoplex Defensive system on hair that has been coloured, bleached, straightened or treated with permanent, even if its structure appears as intact.

Diksoplex Defensive 1.Shield must be blended with a fixed proportion, as suggested in the instructions of each technical service.

While the quantity of Diksoplex Defensive 1.Shield Magnifier depends on the length of the hair and its porosity.

As a consequence, the dose can be proportioned to the one used if the product were a mask or a conditioner.

Definitely yes. 

The modalities of use are identical both for natural hair and hair extension.

There are no counterindications.

However, it is recommended not to expose the hair during the treatment with Diksoplex Defensive to temperatures superior to 40/45°C of humid heat.

It is therefore recommended a more frequent control during the operations, since heat accelerates the action time of the colouring cream and bleacher.